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Re: Email is spreading all over India

"I know that a few crores are pumped in so that a few people have email
connections at the cost of taxpayers"

You may have been away from India for too long to realise how fast and
well some things are changing.    My own email connection, if you wish
to know, is due to Mr. Vinod Gupta, a distinguished US based alumnus,
having donated a large sum of money some years ago to his alma mater to
start a management school where I am Professor.  India's taxpayers
haven't suffered a bit; to the contrary they have gained by Mr. Gupta's
actions.   My earlier invitation to come and visit stands:  come by and
see us.

All faculty and most students here and at many many other institutions
across the country have email.    (Many of the students use it to
download the web-pages of US Universitites of course, and then depart
for foreign lands.)    But in general, email is becoming increasingly
common all over the country now, as a way of by-passing snail mail
especially.    Can you imagine how splendid it would be when all Indians
had as easy access to email and the Internet as they now have to, say,
STD?   I believe that one
of the Vajpayee Government's declared aims is to achieve that quite

Suby Roy.

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