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Re: more nonsense from Roy....Now, now..

>    Surely, none of us are as elitist and oppressive as the Government
>India.  What Arvind was talking about is the average Indian voter who
>illiterate and hence ignorant.  Are you that person Roy?..

Now, now....  my young friend is cross.   But really, very plainly, Mr.
Vansi M. and  Mr Kumar and anyone else is not going to get very far at
all with any manifesto worth its name if it is premised on a
condescending view of the Indian voter.    It is far better to assume
the average Indian voter, like the average voter in most places, is
quite well aware of the relevant facts and his/her own political
interests in a given election.

As for my own voting record, if you wish to know,  I voted as a
Commonwealth student back in 1973 or 1974 twice for the Labour Party in
England (Wilson and Callaghan), and then for Mamata Banerjee's Trinamul
Congress in March 1998.     I have had an active US Green Card since
1984 (having lived there from 1980-1996) and have been pro-Republican
most of that time, but of course as a foreign national in the USA, I
could not and would not have wished to participate in their politics.

>    Now Roy, could you forward me the article that you have mentioned
>directly to my email?

I'll see if its somewhere on my hard disk.

Suby Roy

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