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why no Indians from India ?

>doing so now in a responsible and
>constructive and indeed disinterested manner is something I have yet to

>see on almost any topic discussed by my foreign friends at IPI.

This theme seems to have appeared in the discussions a few times and IPI
does seem to have become dominated by NRI's. Of course many of the NRI's
do intend to really do something (I hope) back in India. Come to think
of it even Gandhi, Nehru, Shri Arbindho were all NRI's at some point in

So, what is wrong here? why aren't Indians from India not participating.
Is it a general lack of interest or simply a lack of opportunity (as
Arvind has explained, he could only connect for 1/2 hour after trying
for 10 hours).

Can't each of the NRI participants in IPI actively recruit at least 10
others residing in India to come and join us in these discussions? If we
do not do this, I am afraid that it is going to be very difficult for
whatever we create to be accepted as truly "Indian" document or a
people's manifesto. If Prof.Roy gets this opinion even after having the
opportunity to
participate in the discussions, I am sure a lot of others in India will
get a similar opinion. I am going to right away try and recruit at least
10 people living in India to subscribe to this and try to actively
participate, I urge all of you to do the same, better late than never!
Can I also urge other Indians in India who are already participating to
come up and voice their views on whether they support the view that the
discussions here are alienated and "NRI oriented" (whatever that may


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