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Precision please + notes

a)  Dear Vamsi: the telecom thing and the 'tiff' with Dr. Roy has become
too extended and repetitive. Honest, I do not see any dispute between
you and Prof. Roy, so please do not read too much into the words here.
Instead, I would urge you to spend time in proposing a specific model
for Telecom policy which can be debated upon. Thanks for your
understanding. We need to move on. We need precision, not repetition. 

b) I have started a new section on the Publications page, called,
"Selected extracts from comments by economists on the Indian situation."
This is placed at the bottom of the page on Publications, and is found

I was able to finally get hold of Prof. Subroto Roy's book "Foundations
of India's Political Economy," and many other books on the Indian
economy. This time, I propose to keep selecting and typing in extracts
from these books and putting them up on the web. I hope others who are
reading up on India can also do that. We will then have a good
collection of viewpoints on the Indian economy. I will also try to start
working on the 1st draft of the manifesto from next week.

The first viewpoint is from T.N. Srinivasan:

Public Sector: 

"... the actual performance of the public sector has not conformed to
the role envisaged. Far from promoting private sector development and
channeling it in socially desirable directions, there has been poor
performance in supplying key inputs at a reasonable cost, in appropriate
amounts and at the time and place where demands arise. Thus it has acted
as a brake on private sector development. Choice of location, employment
and pricing policies of the public sector have become so politicized
that efficient development is an exception. Far from generating
resources, the public sector has become a monumental waste and liability
for taxpayers." T.N. Srinivasan, in "Planning and Foreign Trade
Reconsidered," in Subroto Roy and William E. James (1992). Foundations
of India's Political Economy: Toward and Agenda for the 1990s. New
Delhi:  Sage Publications.

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