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    Ok folks, we have the important task of getting back to the Policy
issues.  I am neither alienated nor ignorant of the oppressions of the
Indian Government even though I live outside of India.  I also think it
is preposterous to suggest that NRIs have abandoned India.  Not all NRIs
are so complacent!  There are some NRIs that are oblivious of Political
and Economic issues of India or simply that they don't care.  So, aren't
you glad that they are out of the country - good for all of us.  Now,
what about those of us who are staying outside but yearn to participate
in the Democratic process and bring a change to the Indian Economic

    As outlined by Sanjeev before, we have a Government that feeds on
its own.  Before us is the humble task of drafting the People's
Manifesto - a common goal for all of us.  So, let us get to work.

    Today, many of us view the Government as an authority figure.
Authority is no good if it is not accountable.  Our Government has
clearly let us down.  It has served itself and not the people!  This was
the point I intended to make and where did the "alienation" and the
"NRI" issue come from I do not know.

    I completely agree with Sanjeev that the participants in IPI should
act as a bridge between the "Ivory Tower" and the Common People - a
daunting but exciting task indeed.

Vamsi M.

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