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[Admn:} for our new moderator!

Dear Vamsi:

You said, about Dr. Roy:

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998 vamsi@siliconcorp.com wrote:
>     Surely, none of us are as elitist and oppressive as the Government of
> India.  What Arvind was talking about is the average Indian voter who is
> illiterate and hence ignorant.  Are you that person Roy?  You do seem to have
> the title "Dr.".  I didn't think you were ignorant - you maybe a bit sensitive!

As moderator of this list, I would strongly urge that we neither use
such language nor allow others to use such language. "You do seem to
have the title 'Dr.'" No No !! That's not appropriate, I am afraid!

Imagine that we are in large hall with a lot of people sitting in the
hall; it will be not quite OK to challenge a person's qualifications.
Let me assure you that Prof. Roy is perhaps the leading free market
economist of India today and his contributions are enormous: well
beyond what I or you can perhaps make in many lifetimes! 

He has been talking a tremendous amount of sense since a very long time
(at a time when I was an avid socialist, for example). He is one of the
few economists held in the highest of esteem by Prof. Milton Friedman
and many others. He gave up his job in a well paid foreign university to
return to India.

I do realize that we might differ from each other, but please, and
particularly as moderator: let us keep the conversational levels as
civil as possible. Since you have joined the IPI list very recently and
have quickly become a moderator, you have perhaps not had the time yet
to check out the earlier work on the IPI web site. Please go ahead and
take a look. 

Prof. Roy is right when he feels that

"critiquing India today when the world has changed in the direction of
freedom is rather glib and trivial; doing so then or before took guts;
doing so now in a responsible and constructive and indeed disinterested
manner is something I have yet to see on almost any topic discussed by
my foreign friends at IPI,"

I would support his view. We do need to keep our critiques as focused as
possible and to try to build a document which we can all accept.
Definitely, questioning the credentials of a Professor IIT, Kharagpur is
not a done thing on this list! You can question his economics, but not
his degree.

Thanks! I do believe you are doing a great job as moderator. Just that
it will be a good idea to appreciate the other person as a person, and
that he has perhaps a point somewhere down the line. We are all full of
weaknesses on this and that issue. Being patient will help us all.



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