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more nonsense from Roy....

Dr. Subroto Roy wrote:

> More alienated NRI/elite nonsense it seems to me, and an insult to
> Indian democracy.  You may care to read, for example, the chapter by
> James Manor in Foundations of India's Political Economy: Towards an
> Agenda for India, edited by myself
> and William E. James, 1989, 1992.
> Suby Roy.

    Surely, none of us are as elitist and oppressive as the Government of
India.  What Arvind was talking about is the average Indian voter who is
illiterate and hence ignorant.  Are you that person Roy?  You do seem to have
the title "Dr.".  I didn't think you were ignorant - you maybe a bit sensitive!
In India, we do have the Freedom of expression and let no one intimidate us in
giving that up.  In fact, we should use this privilege to address important
issues like why is our Economy held hostage by an over-regulating Government.
Furthermore, why is the Government hogging all the loans from various banks in
the Country while the Industry needs that capital.  Do we not know that the
Private Sector is far more efficient at using capital resources than the

    Finally, we should encourage our Government to earn its revenue strictly
through income taxation.  That is, it would be inclined to encourage Job
creation and remove the restrictive practices on the Private Sector.  Instead,
the Government gets the easy way out with License fees, etc.  In fact, it can be
successfully argued that license fees take away much needed capital from a
project - which means less number of Jobs are created.  The Government is
irresponsible in this respect because it would rather take the money and run by
charging License Fees at the beginning stages of a project - surely, a
self-serving institution.  To add to this Telecom License Fees in India are much
higher than those in some developed countries - never mind that Indians don't
have the world class Telecom Infrastructure, our Government needs to fill its
pockets first!!

    Now Roy, could you forward me the article that you have mentioned above
directly to my email?

Vamsi M.

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