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Reply to Roy....

Dr. Subroto Roy Wrote:

>I repeat what I have said before:  critiquing India today when the
world has changed in >the direction of freedom is rather glib and
trivial; doing so then or before took guts; >doing so now in a
responsible and constructive and indeed disinterested manner is
>something I have yet to see on almost any topic discussed by my foreign
friends at IPI.

    Ok Roy since when has the Government of India gone beyond the reach
of the criticism of Indian Citizens???  It is good that you were
involved in heated debates in the 1980s and yes it is very brave of
you.  So I ask: what happened to you now?  The Government is still very
oppressive and self-serving.  If you believe the changes are something
to be proud of then I ask you to take a look at the Telecom Policy.  It
has driven nearly every private player to bankruptcy - what a
self-serving Government?  Especially, when the people of India have the
lowest teledensity rates the Government was serving itself to the
highest license fees.

    Also, take a look at the Economy that has one of the worst
infrastructure, social indexes, and rarely encourages entrepreneurial
spirit - we are taught to beg for FDI instead of freeing up restrictive
controls in our own country!!

    Objective criticism is needed at times like these - we cannot assume
that just because our Government is changing it will evolve into an
institution for the people!!

    So Roy, I urge you to join us as you have done so with many others
in the past to undo the oppression and monopolistic practices of our own
Government on its own people.  If are bold in questioning our own
Government and ask how we can improve the quality of life of all
Indians, we may just have a chance in the next Century.  We must all
demand a Government that is responsible and proactive - we do not need
an overgrown irresponsible institution that would subject Modern
Industry to the Telecom Act of 1885 which was left behind by the British
Raj.  Even taking this one issue as an example, it is clear how
oppressive our Government and how complacent we are of it.  The Telecom
Act of 1885 was used by the oppressive British Raj and now the
Government of India hasn't found a reason to change it!!  My conclusion,
our Government is equal to the British Raj in oppressing/restricting its

Vamsi M.

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