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Government servants might bog down the new ISP policy....

    While the new ISP Policy is a step in the right direction, it
doesn't have the conceptual framework to boost India to an IT Superpower
status - it falls short.  The inadequate Mental Models that have
consistently plagued Indian Policies and delay the country from
realizing its full potential are here to stay.

    First and foremost is the Security Clearance proposed by the Defense
Ministry.  While I am a great admirer of Mr. G. Fernandes and his
efforts to get India to play a global role, I deeply disappointed that a
fellow patriotic Indian would impose a  estrictive/bureaucratic dogma on
the new ISP policy.  Particularly, I am referring to the fact that his
Ministry has required that all those who will setup Gateways will have
to get security clearance.  Well Sir, a rapid expansion of Internet
Services and IT in India would make the country stronger, not weaker -
is this not enough reason to do away with the ridiculous security
clearance?  Furthermore, even the most powerful nation on the planet
doesn't see a security risk by allowing private industry to setup
gateways.  In fact, majority of the Gateways are owned by the private
sector.  It is this kind of unfettered market-driven progress that makes
US a world power.  This is exactly the mindset that we are uncomfortable
with.  We are used to decades of Government control and we have
effectively delayed our progress with that kind of mindset.

    Now, we are at a juncture where we cannot ignore natural laws of
Economics and these laws are such that Indian Economy will grow at the
fastest rate if there is no Government intervention.  This is a tough
pill to swallow for most but if we are going to live like free men we
have to be bold in our policies.  If not, we will live in the shadows of

other countries - how can we expect the next generation to do any
better?  Let us face it, we have a Government that wants to retain
control at every step.  The Indian Economy is one of the most regulated
environments in the World!  Like I said before the Government Servants
have an inferiority complex and they get their kicks from oppressing the
Indian people!!!

Vamsi M.

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