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incapable public Servants in the Government!!

    Recently US has backlisted about 300 firms for their participation
in the Atomic Tests.  Well now, how about empowering Indian Companies so
that they may become competitive in every technology so that US would be
the one who would be begging for High Technology.  Sure, the US is a
Technological Titan for now.  However, if we remember it was not so at
the turn of this century!!

    In order to make India a Superpower, the mode of governance has to
change.  This means the Government should play an active role in
encouraging fierce, fair, and total competition among all Indian
Companies.  That is, the Government should crackdown on Monopolies and
come down on them very hard.  I would like to mention DoT as an
example.  Sure it is a Monopoly and the damage it is doing to the Indian
Economy is overlooked because it is state-owned and the Government feels
that it has to nurture it.  No entity that is damaging to India's long
term interests has to be nurtured!!  Let us imagine that there are
unlimited licenses for Land Line Telephony Companies.  For the sake of
the argument let us say they will by 10 times as much Telecom. Equipment

than DoT has ordered in its entire life.  Now, let us think of the
number of Jobs created, increase in Income Tax revenue for the
Government, and more importantly the improved Quality of Telephone
Service in India through intense competition.

    This is not the end because state-of-the-art Telecom. Infrastructure
can do magic to the entire Indian Economy!!  We just need some logical
Political will.  The questions has never been whether India can be a
Superpower or not.  The question now is whether we leave this important
task to the mindless bureaucrats in the lower echelon?  We have a duty
to make India a Superpower and no one will do it if we don't!!

Vamsi M.

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