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Alienated NRI Nonsense! - reply to Roy


> Mr. Vamsi M. of Silicon Valley might please identify himself a little
> fully.   I have rarely read such palpable nonsense as the following:

    I am a Professional Manager for a Software Company and no, I don't
live in Silicon Valley.  My permanent residence is in Michigan.  I am
unmarried and I have 1 Sister and 1 Brother.  I do speak my mind and I
will continue to do so without any particular reference or personal
attacks on anyone!!!  Truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow.  Let us
face it, our bureaucracy and Government is central to our problems - it
is the most oppressive institution.  Nowhere are Indians oppressed so
much!!  If you would like, we can have an intelligent conversation over
the telephone.

> "Politicians and bureaucrats neither have the
> >courage
> >nor the intelligence to articulate - let alone, to be assertive!
What I
> >am
> >trying to say is that bureaucrats have an inferiority complex and
> >they are
> >more inclined to oppress a fellow Indian or their constituency to
> >powerful
> >and important.  Indians who oppress other Indians are the worst kind
> >animals (pardon the vocabulary)."
> By all means be constructively critical of India if you are an Indian,
> please, do not send us such thoughtless statements if possible.  It is
> insult to India's electorate, India's politicians (of all parties) and

> India's Government servants.

    First of all, I believe you have unfairly cut out the rest of my
message which talks about the oppressive practices of our Government on
its own Citizens.  What exactly is thoughtless about what I said?  We do
have a bureaucracy that is very oppressive and restrictive.  Our Country
is economically impoverished and technologically backward.  A lot of our
bureaucrats simply don't have the adequate Mental Models to build a
strong Country and a vibrant Economy.  Of course, we are not short on
foolish pride.

    Our Government is incapable of protecting its people in a major
war.  Poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance is widespread.  The gap between
the rich and poor nations (like India) is growing.  To add to this, we
don't have the courage or openness to admit that our Government is
enormously oppressive - it feeds on its own people.  The most depressing
aspect of our daily life is that we are bombarded with senseless and
emotional movies while other cultures, at least, manage to explore
Science and Space (Star Trek, Cosmos, Contact, etc.) even if it is
fictional.  Doomsday is just around the corner for us but, I guess,
until then we can certainly be proud of the status quo.

Vamsi M.

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