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Re: Whither debate? Alienated NRI Nonsense!

Mr. Vamsi M. of Silicon Valley might please identify himself a little
fully.   I have rarely read such palpable nonsense as the following:

"Politicians and bureaucrats neither have the
>nor the intelligence to articulate - let alone, to be assertive!  What
>trying to say is that bureaucrats have an inferiority complex and that
>they are
>more inclined to oppress a fellow Indian or their constituency to feel
>and important.  Indians who oppress other Indians are the worst kind of

>animals (pardon the vocabulary)."

By all means be constructively critical of India if you are an Indian,
please, do not send us such thoughtless statements if possible.  It is
insult to India's electorate, India's politicians (of all parties) and
India's Government servants.

Subroto Roy.

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