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Re: reply to Narinder Bhatia

---Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com> wrote:
> Narinder Bhatia wrote:
> > people of India who despite their poverty are not
really that gullible
>     As for the people not being gullible and that
today's elections should
> show  that fact, I don't know about that.  For example,
any population that is
> ignorant of why and how Onion prices can fluctuate
and then organizing a
> national referendum solely based on this issue is I
would say "gullible".

Exactly! We in India claim that we have a mature electorate when it is
actually the opposite. The average indian voter is usually illiterate
and   politically ignorant. The press and "analysts"   however give
Indira Gandhi's defeat after the emergency as proof of indian voters
being intelligent when in reality they blindly vote against the
establishment whenever there is an alternative.  The fact that education
does not become an issue while onion and Ayodhya do speaks for itself!

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