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Re: secular state

Charu Dutt wrote:
 >So when and why was "secular" added?
 I had mentioned this in my original posting. The word "secular"  along
with the word "socialist" was added to the Preamble by Indira  Gandhi
and her hench men during the Emergency to justify the  continuation of
their dictatorial rule. It was a mistake for the  Janata  Party
government of 1977-80 not to revert back to the original draft,  when
they repealed the 42nd Amendment (Proclaiming the Emergency).
 >I fail to see why the state's guiding document [constitution] should
 >look to the past history. What in Hindu ethos do you think should be
 >incorporated in the constitution?
 It is not a question of SHOULD be. It already IS. SATYAMEVA JAYATE,
Constitution and political system. To deny that would be to deny one's
own mother.  If it weren't for the Hindu ethos guiding our political
system, India  would be no different than Pakistan or other Islamic
societies, where  there is no freedom of thought for individuals, no
rights for  minorities  (worship, assembly and free political
participation), and complete and    total submission of the state to the
church (or in the case of these  countries, the mosque.)
 >I maintain that secularity is worth keeping.
 I agree that the principles of non-interference and non-establishment
should be maintained. But the word "secular" has only served to create
an active bias against any display with even a remote connection to
Hinduism/Hindu culture in any public forum. This is why the Framers
chose to leave it out, because they knew that its inclusion would
create  needless confusion. Witness the hand wringing by so-called
"secularists"  over the singing of Vande Mataram today. This is
precisely the type of    thing the Framers intended to avoid. Also, if
you are interested in  maintaining "secularity", as you put it, you
should support my call  for  an Uniform Civil Code, whose implementation
was something that the  Founders/Framers of our Constitution explicitly
called for and  enshrined  in the document itself.
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