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Re: Relevance of culture !

But also look at what the unholy alliance between the govt & business
in  Japan has led to: $1 Trillion in bad debts on the books of banks;
rice  that  costs 6 times open market price; a moribund economy.
Protectionism  "seems"  to work in the short run, but in the longer run
my bet is with free  markets.  Free markets correct themselves, whereas
controlled economies get  stuck  into  ruts because in the absence of
markets to discipline them, politicians  refuse to change. This is
exactly what is happening in India.
 In a way you can argue that free markets are "cultural" artifacts too.
But  then I would argue that so are "human rights" & again I am going to
bet   with  proven winners. After all the benefit of globalization is
that you are  able  find the best in the world: be it music, food or
 - manoj
 >Sanjeev wrote
 >>So also, policy is either good or
 >>it is bad. Hence most policies are culture-neutral. Human beings are
 >>same in their essential needs and behavior.
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