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[re: Minimum Nuclear Deterrence]

Manju wrote...

t details how US planners continue to use military
> > budgets to steer the economy and why. Essentially, the reasons are
> > that military spending does not have to be accounted for under the
> > guise of "National Security" secrecy. Also, direct accountability and
> > civilian control threatens to transfer power from its current holders.
> This brought up an interesting thought. In most democratic countries,
> the military could be wielding more power than most people think. I
> heard someone say that the military top brasses of India and Pakistan
> seem to want this state of "war" between the two countries so that they
> can retain their powerful influence. Could be nonsense but go figure!
> >

I cannot agree more. 

The way to control a free people is either to make them criminals or
take them to war. (somebody else's quote)


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