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reply to Narinder Bhatia

Narinder Bhatia wrote:

> The only war India needs to fight at the moment is the war against
> poverty, deprivation, filth, disease and rabid Nationalism masquerading
> as intellect. Militarism was the undoing of Germany twice this century,
> of Japan and of the USSR. With all their military prowess the Great
> Britain is an ever-shrinking island- nation in the North Sea. The Shah
> of Iran could not be saved by his mighty army. America had to make an
> embarrasing retreat from Vietnam, a handful of guerrilas rolled back the
> mighty Soviet war machine.

    AGREED!!  If you notice, I have said in a later message that India
balance its Economic progress with sound policies.  Yes, it is agreed that
cannot do with Military spending alone.  However, the general tone of my
was that we seldom take charge of anything - whether it is Global or
Neither the people nor the politicians make any effort to inspire each

> people of India who despite their poverty are not really that gullible

    As for the people not being gullible and that today's elections should
that fact, I don't know about that.  For example, any population that is
ignorant of why and how Onion prices can fluctuate and then organizing a
national referendum solely based on this issue is I would say "gullible". 
we realize that a rise in the price of Onions would eventually encourage
to produce more of it and thus bringing the prices down!!  Furthermore, it
be shown that a prolonged price escalation will translate into an increase
income for the Farmers which will lead to a better investment on Farm
- this too will help bring down the price of Onions in the long run.  If
Government stays out of the way the Market will work itself - I guess this
too much for the "gullible" population.

Vamsi M.

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