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[Admn] Transfer of moderation + booboo

a) Antony has filled in for 2 weeks as moderator. Great job! He writes
that he has begun to "appreciate some of the mundane stuff that you've
been doing to keep this debate alive!" Thanks!! I do believe that
everyone must moderate for at least 2 weeks in order to understand how
this list functions, and to become aware of the human failings that we
are all subject to. Errors of ommission/ commission are always many in
human affairs. Let us thank all the moderators of this list for the
great job they have done.

b) From tomorrow night (after about 24 hrs from now) the moderation will
move on to Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com>. He will also be on
the editorial board. Thanks a lot! 

c) Sorry for a booboo in my last mail. I have been making these little
booboos time and again: these go thro' because on e-mail we don't edit
mail. Well, though this is completely irrelevant to the arguments I
gave, my father was in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) not as CFO of the fields
but as CFO of Bharat Earth Movers Limited which is located in the same
city. Both are massive public sector undertakings. This was in 1980-81.  
The part about the high cost of gold mining and the thefts of gold dust
are fully true, and are common knowledge. 

d) Mr. J A Chowdary, Andhra's technology Advisor wishes to go off list.
Well: we had high expectations from his participation. But he is perhaps
too busy to participate. Hope he can re-join later. He could still be an
Advisor to IPI without being on the debating list as are a few other
Advisors. Well, I'll write to him separately.

 "My dear friends,

As I am not be able to contribute anything I want to be out of the group
for some time." "chowdary"


Hello Sanjeev:

    I would like to participate in drafting the Manifesto.  Furthermore,
I think the discussion group should continue during this time.  I have
already volunteered my time as a moderator.  I wish I knew a little more
about the task of moderating so I wouldn't have to ask you.  Actually, I
am quiet anxious to get started.

Vamsi M.

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