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Important administrative notice!

In December, some of us would like to sit down and write the 1st draft
of the manifesto. I therefore propose that the discussion list be
allowed to take a break for about 15 days from the 10th to the 25th of

If this is approved by all, then what we will need is people who are
willing to actually write this document, i.e., sit back, look into the
archives, collate points that have not been distilled, and then help
edit the first draft of the Manifesto.

We have Mr. Ram Narayanan, Ajay Gandhi, and presumably, Ash Mahesh,
already in place. I think Prof. Nirvikar Singh would help look at the
draft at a later stage. I propose that Prof. Subroto Roy must get
involved in this task given his expertise. Utkarsh, Puneet, Prem, Kush,
Barun, Parth, and others must be there (subject to their availability).
All others are invited (sincerely - and I mean it!) to be on the
Editorial Board. Your name will of course figure as member of the
Editorial Board, but that means that you will have to put in work!
Please send in mail to me asap about your availability for the Editorial
Board. You must be relatively free between the 10th - 25th Dec and must
be in a position to exhaustively read and comment on the drafts which
would be about 20 pages in all. These drafts would fly all over the
world in Word format through e-mail on a mailing list similar to this
one. The more the people who read the document the better it would turn
out to be.

Please also write to me directly [to avoid cluttering up the main list]
if you want this debate list to continue while the manifesto is being
written (10th Dec - 25th Dec), since that means that someone will have
to moderate this list during that period. I would recommend that we all
take a break and sit back for these 15 days and simply think rather than
talk. And play with our children / grand children (if any). I think we
have done something of at least some social relevance in these 8 months.
But I will go by the general consensus.


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