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For Jerry Prochazka

[Sending my response directly to IPI since all will benefit from this.

I second Antony. In fact, IPI is an open forum to debate policy
primarily for India but most of these could be happily followed
elsewhere. That is not being arrogant but it is simple common sense. The
world is either flat or it is round. So also, policy is either good or
it is bad. Hence most policies are culture-neutral. Human beings are the
same in their essential needs and behavior.

I hope you will retain your subscription for a while and allow the
concept of a free and open debate on policy to sink in. It will be a
very good idea for Americans to directly contest anything that they feel
is 'false' in terms of the impressions about USA that might permeate
some discussions from some members. All errors need to be washed away.
That is what the great Indian soul, Vivekananda, would have said.

Please keep in mind that it is in the nature of things for all societies
and all groups to think of "others" as somehow not good enough. So
please do not any statements made by anyone about USA or any other
place, personally, nor in a mode that you have to 'defend' the 'faith.'
You can clarify if you wish. You can ignore, too.

In the meanwhile you could spend some time browsing the archives and the
vast links within the web site.



PS: I am sending these comments in to IPI and I hope that Americans will
freely join in the debates, as will members of all nationalities, since
the issue is to generate good policy and to dispel confusion. 

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Antony joseph wrote:

> Jerry: 
> I recommend that you visit India Policy Institute (IPI)'s website at
> www.indiapolicy.org . You'll easily find answers to your  questions on the
> purpose and processes at IPI.  I can assure you that the focus is on India
> and your perception that the debate is  Anti-American will soon fade away
> once you join the debate.
> Welcome to IPI.
> Cheers
> Antony
> Jerry wrote: 
> To all:
> I was recently given an invitation to join this debate on India.  In the
> one
> day that I have signed up, I must say that I am shocked by the
> anti-American
> rhetoric on the subject of capitalism and democracy.  
> I would love to join the debate and help.  However, I have two questions:
> 1) What is the purpose of this debate?
> 2) Who keeps a record and takes these ideas down.  Basically, who will make
> good use of these ideas put forth here?
> Jerry Prochazka
> Hampton, VA

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