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Re: secular state

A question and a comment.

Indranil DasGupta wrote:

>The Framers of our Constitution back in 1949
>were acutely aware of this fact, which is why they specifically avoided
>the word "secular" in their draft.

So when and why was "secular" added?

> . . . the United States is very much a product of the Judeo Christian
> In India, while maintaining the above doctrines of non-interference
> and non-establishment, we should also recognize that Indian culture,
> civilization and state is based on a (horror of horrors!) Hindu ethos.
> In light of this, proclaiming an overtly "secular" state betrays an
> ignorance of our history.

I fail to see why the state's guiding document [constitution] should look
to the
past history. What in Hindu ethos do you think should be incorporated in

I maintain that secularity is worth keeping.


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