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Re: Minimum Nuclear Deterrence - reply to Dr. Roy

Vamsi Musunuru wrote:

>   1. It can be shown that Military research has benifited the American
> Industry with inventions like the Diode, Transistor, Internet, in the
> High Definition TV, etc.  I can only imagine how many Jobs these
> have created.

This is incorrect [though this thinking is widespread]. The transistor was
invented at Bell Labs, at the time, a state sanctioned monopoly. The way it
worked was that in exchange for the monopoly on phone business in the US,
company [AT&T/Bell System] was to operate at a profit no higher than a
amount [I think it was 9 or 12%]. To accomplish this, surplus revenues were
plowed into, among other things,  pure and applied research at Bell Labs.
transistor was NOT the product of military research, neither was HDTV. The
resarch that led to the internet in the US was funded by the US department
defense but there is no reason to believe that civilian funding would not
accomplished the same result. For a good analysis of how US military
spending is
used as a tool of Keynesian Economic pump-priming see

>   2. A strong Military is vital for protecting National Interests and

I think we need to be very careful in clearly defining "National Interest".
seen the term frequently abused to avoid accountability. What do you mean
"National Interest"?.

>   3. It would also give a global role for India which means we have to
stay on
>      top of things if we are going to survive.

What global role do you see for India?


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