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Re: Short response to Mr. Sastri

I have no quarrel with what you are saying. But, minmum wage solves the
problem of only those employees covered by the legislation. It will not
protect those employed in other industries and the unemployed. We have to
find a broader solution.
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Subject: Re: Short response to Mr. Sastri

>Here's my reasoning justifying that a business should pay enough to
>Treating this as a systems problem,
>suppose an employee works in a job that pays less than what it costs to
>basic living necessities. The necessities than have to come from somewhere
>whether it is monetary, savings, stored up food, stored up body fat,
>the employee is putting out in energy and time more than (s)he can buy
>the wages (s)he gets. As I see it, the benefit of this depletion is
>accruing to
>the employer. In the absence of external inputs to the employee, the
>will die or otherwise become unable to continue the work. The benefit of

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