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Re: capitalism & massacres

---Charu datt <charu@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

<SNIPPED the List of Massacres>


Everyone knows that American foreign policy is 
hypocritic and that the West went through barbarism
not so long ago.
We should stick to comparing socialism and capitalism
as economic theories and how much freedom they give
to citizens. 
It is a fact that not allowing a business itself
is curtailment of freedom. Why can I not open a 
business? Because the Spanish committed genocide?
Or because US supported Pol Pot? Let us not get
carried away by irrelevant issues. As far as I am
concerned, socialism definitely is a failure. 
Of course, the SEA countries have a crisis, but has
it ever struck you that the quality of life in these
crisis ridden countries is better than that in India?


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