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Re: Sanjeev's allergy to the word 'socialism'

The U.S. constitution is very clear on the matter of "secularism". It
contains a "No infringement" clause or prohibits laws which interfere
with the right to worship (as long as it does not conflict with public 
order), and the "No establishment" clause which prohibits the setting
up of a Church of the United States. But it still does not proclaim a
secular (i.e. "Godless") state, because it recognizes that the United
States is very much a product of the Judeo Christian ethos.

In India, while maintaining the above doctrines of non-interference
and non-establishment, we should also recognize that Indian culture,
civilization and state is based on a (horror of horrors!) Hindu ethos. 
In light of this, proclaiming an overtly "secular" state betrays an 
ignorance of our history. The Framers of our Constitution back in 1949 
were acutely aware of this fact, which is why they specifically avoided 
the word "secular" in their draft.  

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