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Re: India's Isolationist policy and the Military....

Dear Vasmi:

I agree with you that the defense capability of our nation should be a high
priority of the nation. But I am not so sure that India can afford the
investment required for the technologies and weapon programs you have
mentioned below. It cost a $200 M to produce a F16. A country of total GDP
of $500 b will be very hard pressed to develop institution to develop and
produce these arms untill unless we have wealth gerneration systems in

So I do agree of advanced warfare systems, but I am not sure that that is
where today Indian policy making and resources should be focused.

May be if we can become a country who can supply the design and technolgy
other countries and make this an industry to bring wealth in the nation,
whole process can be of some value to the country. But for that we need to
understand the role of competition in country's development. We do not even
make a car of indeginious technology who people around the world pay money
to buy. So we have ways to go. 
Unfortunately, I see our policy makers talk of issues which are far away
from the realities of life in India. To give another example, I had heard a
recent policy of deploying Internet in each Indian school. Sounds very
similar to producing F22 in a country, which lacks basic maps of India,
books and blackboards.


Utkarsh Kansal

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:03:55 -0800 (PST), Vamsi Musunuru wrote:
>     I am a great admirer of George Fernandes, the Defense
> Minister....not for any party or political affiliations but for his role

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