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Re: Surely IPI is not non-partisan!

---"Dr. Subroto Roy" <sroy@vgsom.iitkgp.ernet.in>
> Surely we must be frank and candid!!   IPI cannot
be called non-partisan
> given its pronounced anti-BJP tenor --  as well for

IP is not anti BJP! I do not know from where you got
that idea. In a group of 100+ people, we are likely
to find diverse ideas. The aim to arrive at a 
consensus. We are not anti anyone. IP is quite capable
of coming out with constructive ideas without having to
resort to taking opposite viewpoints just to oppose

> that matter its strong anti-"socialist" tenor.

This maybe true but supporting socialism is supporting
oppression. If speaking up for freedom of individuals
is partisan behaviour, I accept your view.

> If anything, it is, at present, trade-marked with a
sort of "Delhi elite
> Star News (Shri Prannoy Roy as a great political
thinker of India)/Congress
> Party Mani Shankar Aiyar Edition/ Alienated NRI
American Democrat" kind of
> political correctness.

I do not want to drag in Prannoy Roy's name or Mani
Shankar Aiyar's name into our discussion. One is pro-
congress and the other is a known congressman.
As for the alienated NRI part, I can say this. It has
become fashionable to rubbish educated and qualified 
people in India. e.g: Statements like "Illiterates are
the wisest when it comes to voting" are heard often
even though the average indian voter is usually
politically ignorant and illiterate (There are 
thousands who vote for Moopanar because the vote
goes to Indira Gandhi!). Let us not assume that the
NRI is always alienated. In this age, one does not
have to physically be in India to know what is 
happening in India.

> Without open and totally frank acknowledgement that
foreign nationals
> cannot
> have any real locus standi in Indian political life
(pace Mr. Barun Mitra),
> we are not likely to proceed very fruitfully.

IPI is a non political organization which hopes to
generate ideas which can be used by everyone.


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