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Re: Surely IPI is not non-partisan!

>The IndiaPolicy Institute is a non-partisan web-based initiatve to
>debate alternatives to address various socio-economic concerns and from
>them, to put together draft policy statements in specific areas.

Surely we must be frank and candid!!   IPI cannot be called non-partisan
given its pronounced anti-BJP tenor --  as well for that matter its strong
anti-"socialist" tenor.

If anything, it is, at present, trade-marked with a sort of "Delhi elite
Star News (Shri Prannoy Roy as a great political thinker of India)/Congress
Party Mani Shankar Aiyar Edition/ Alienated NRI American Democrat" kind of
political correctness.

Without open and totally frank acknowledgement that foreign nationals
have any real locus standi in Indian political life (pace Mr. Barun Mitra),
we are not likely to proceed very fruitfully.

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