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Admn: list of hosts

For those who wonder how I get the figures on 'hits,' independent
hosts, etc., for IPI, here is the info:

a) List of hosts between 2 Nov and 22 Nov is listed at:


You can try to find your host listed there, if you know what your host
is. Most hosts from India (particularly ernet/ nic hosts from govt.
bodies/ educational institutes) do not seem to get resolved by the DNS
servers here, so you'll simply find a bunch of numbers (IP address). The
VSNL's ppp hosts get resolved. Clearly, India's involvement is

As you can see, many countries are reprsented here. A lot of academics
check up on IPI (.edu hosts), and a few folks from relatively big

b) The detailed analysis of these 20 days is:

Analysed requests from Mon-02-Nov-1998 18:47 to Sun-22-Nov-1998 20:27
(20.1 days). 

Total completed requests: 6 746 (2 913) 
Total failed requests: 422 (146) 
Total redirected requests: 48 (9) 
Average requests per day: 359 (438) 
Number of distinct files requested: 920 (678) 
Number of distinct hosts served: 677 (304) 
Number of new hosts served in last 7 days: 250 
Corrupt logfile entries: 6 
Total bytes transferred: 53 640 803 (29 075 009) 
Average bytes transferred per day: 2 672 667 (4 153 572) 


I believe that we are soon going to be in a position to attract some
private sector advertizing (for a fee). We could charge per 1000 hits or
something to generate revenues. Any ideas? The money will go toward
building an endowment for IPI and for printing/ postage and other
charges to be incurred in the coming years. Puneet is from Intel. Others
who are from other companies could check up if their firms are willing
to put up ads for very tiny "enterprises" such as IPI.


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