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Re: Short response to Mr. Sastri

Charu datt wrote:
> Sanjeev Sabhlok wrote:
> > > Bureaucrats and poorly paid, corrupt

I would rather say the above of a few knowledgeable
UD.clerks etc who know the rigmarole & Red-Tape.

Thwe average monthly expense on a Beureucrat today
is Rs.200,000 to 250,000 per month working probably
80 to 100 hours per month at the Maximum end.

That would mean 50 to 60 $ US per hour. I have close
relatives in IAS positions, and I watch their habits
of consuming govt. Fuel/flight tickets/TA & DA/Phone
bills. No one can bell the cat after it was grommed
to take care of the rats !

The above does not include any Kick backs and fall out
crumbs from the politician's table !


Sairam Sathya Kumar

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