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Re: One more

Sat, Nov 21, 1998
11:32:11 AM

An excellent expose is by Arun Shourie's
 book "The Only Fatherland: Communists,
 'Quit India,' and the Soviet Union"
(New Delhi: ASA Publications, 1991)."

c. j. s. wallia

Sabhlok wrote: 
>A selective memory
>(By M V Kamath), The Hindustan Times, Nov 21, 1998
>The CPI-M leaders' violent reaction to Mr L. K. Advani's revealing
>comments on the Communist role during the Quit India Movement indicates
>a delightful forgetfulness; or, in the more expressive words of Srimathi
>J. Jayalalitha, a selective memory, worthy of better causes.
>Methinks the Comrades protest too much. Mr Advani, if he so desires,
>could possibly ask his officials to delve a little more deeply into old
>British records if any are still extant, considering that our thoughtful
>former rulers had tons of them consigned to fire in the weeks preceding
>August 15, 1947, in a mid-century version of an ancient yajnya.
>Nevertheless if the Comrades still want to know what their party
>leaders, in an excess of zeal, did when Mahatma Gandhi called for the
>British to quit India, they could do no better than study two volumes
>edited by Dr P. N. Chopra titled Quit India Movement: British Secret
>Documents, Interprint, and K. K. Chaudhari's Quit India Revolution: The
>Ethos of Its Central Direction (Popular Prakashan, 1996).

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