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I intend to publish the draft summaries

> a) Posting of material on IT:

> There was a general consensus that the work we are jointly doing on
> IPI is copyright free (as far as the compilations/ summaries are
> concerned). Go ahead and post whatever you want whenever you want 
> anywhere that you want. No permissions needed. Acknowledgment that
> this was a joint effort would be appreciated, though not necessary.
> Claim it as your own! There will be no greater pleasure than this,
> as far as I am concerned, than to see everyone in India everywhere,
> copy the work we have jointly done and to claim it as their own. 

I am absolutely in favor of this position. This is what I plan to do.

(a) The Education Policy we drafted will be published in next month's 
issue of India Together's newsletter. Besides including it on the front 
page, we will also add it to a special page on education we are 

(b) The introduction will be roughly as below, please suggest changes

The IndiaPolicy Institute is a non-partisan web-based initiatve to 
debate alternatives to address various socio-economic concerns and from 
them, to put together draft policy statements in specific areas. This 
month, India Together presents the first of these draft statements to 
our readers in the hope that you will contribute your expertise to the 
development and propagation of ideas laid out in them.

(c) A link to the main page of IPI will be provided from the article. IT 
already links to IPI in another place as well.

(d) The article will list no particular author. What email address 
should replies be sent to? 

There are approximately 275 subscribers to India Together's newsletter 
as of now, in case anyone's wondering. If this dissemination works well, 
I encourage that we bring the other drafts up to speed as well.

Finally, a round of applause to IPI's own Prem Rallabandi for his recent 
article on India Together. We have heard nothing but praise for it. I 
invite you all to check it out, even if you are not planning to be a 



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