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One more

Someone called abc (why do people like to hide their identity on the
internet?) sent in this article by M.V.Kamath, presumably to enlighten
me (I seem to get a lot of these msgs seeking to enlighten me! and that
is great, since I often pass on these msgs to folks on IPI to let all of
us get equally 'enlightened.') 

I have not been a student of history and have much to learn. I do know
that it is easy to distort history by looking into a few aspects of it;
that is what has been happening too much for too long in India, I
believe. We have no business to delve into history and try to make
meaning out of it; our business is to make meaning out of our present
and to move on. We waste too much time in India on history. That focus
makes us mad at each other and incapable of exploiting the opportunities
that lie just in front of our nose!

However, this is something that I felt we might benefit from knowing
about, if there is the slightest truth in it, about the role of the
communist parties of India prior to independence (not that it matters at
this point much). Re-confirms to me that these communists are a
completely distorted lot. Hence this reaffirms what we have stated on
the manifesto reg. socialism (which, by the way, is communism in