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Admn: Nikhil is free to update the web pages

For the debate coordinators and individual topic coordinators:

Nikhil is expecting to be a bit free from his university work right
away. Please forward the summaries to him and he will do up the pages as
per the summaries. We are to get ready for the writing of the integrated
document and all the summaries should be up ASAP! [Nikhil: I don't have
any summaries with me; these have to be culled from the archives or
received by us from the debate coordinator].

It would be really nice to have the summaries up and 'running' by the
end of this month when I hope to be able to devote some time to prepare
a Microsoft Word document containing the entire material in one single
format which will then be approved/ vetted by our Editorial Board and
sent out early Jan. to 10000 people across India. The version that will
go out will also be put up in PDF format.

>From Nikhil:

"I was really busy all these days with school and work... We have a
thanksgiving break next week and I don't have much to do next week so I
can re-do all the pages. Also if you want you can send me the things
that need to be online I'll put them on line too. I'm free today and
tommorow as well so I can spend 5-6 a day to work on the pages.  So you
can start sending me things from today."

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