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Admn: for Ash

a) Posting of material on IT:

There was a general consensus that the work we are jointly doing on IPI
is copyright free (as far as the compilations/ summaries are concerned).
Go ahead and post whatever you want whenever you want anywhere that you
want. No permissions needed. Acknowledgment that this was a joint effort
would be appreciated, though not necessary. Claim it as your own! There
will be no greater pleasure than this, as far as I am concerned, than to
see everyone in India everywhere, copy the work we have jointly done and
to claim it as their own. This is OUR forum. The People's Forum.

b) Updation of web site:

"(x) What is the status of the drafts, anyway? I don't ever recall 
anything saying that anything other than the education policy has been 
drafted? Where are these stored?"

Sad to say, most of the material has yet to be incorporated. That is
going to be my main job as soon as I can make myself slightly free.  
There are only 2 web workers at the moment: Nikhil and I. I can give you
access (or to anyone else who wants to) to update the web site from
wherever you are. There is a HUGE amount of secretarial work reqd. even
in this age of internet. I have been doing most of this secretarial work
including everything from a to z initially. Now Nikhil is here to help.
But we could definitely do with MANY more people who can directly update
the web. So volunteer to directly update the web site for us and we will
all bless you! Particularly, my fingers will bless you as someone comes
in to share the pain of incessant typing.


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