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easy money.

    Methinks the means of livelihood is highly socially relevant .This was
very much in social consciousness a few decades back .It rapidly grew less
and less important and took a backseat to the net worth .
    Such a situation gives one the tacit social sanction to earn more, by
ethical compromises if necessary to which the society is increasingly
indifferent ,Earlier BAD MONEY could buy material but such a one was
actively shun by society and the socity enforced discilpline with the help
of the
government .Slowly the system , the larger body of the society had set up
to govern itself ,was corrupted and enforcement of discipline slackened
.Still later the officials got into partnership with the lawbreakers for a
share in the ill gotten booty .
    The above situation however isn't as harmful as the one I have
mentioned at the beginning .This situation is more injurious as it stems
from the people . The blame now cannot be placed elsewhere .If the society
will shower its respects on wealthy people without giving a hoot to where
the lucre came from it will include in its ambit  black marketeers ,
hoarders ,duplicators ,swindlers , cheats and rouges of all shades who do
anti social businesses for money while living in society .Romesh Sharma
(Delhi) , is a case in point .
   It will make it logical for people to do things they would not have
done otherwise .This will have a cascading effect .
   I would like to touch upon other types of easy money ,and suggest some
ways to remedy the damage done .

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