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Re: Short response to Mr. Sastri


Do you have a rationale for claiming that a business has to pay enough to
"sustain" an employee? I thought employment was a contract between an
employee & an employer, wherein the employee put in certain work and the
employer paid cash in return. So if I put in work that is worth $2 per hour
(e.g. making photocopies), why should I expect to get paid $6? Is that not
"exploitation" of the employer? I would urge you to go talk with small
business owners & get their input on this issue. Pls do not make the
of painting all employers as bad guys, out to "exploit" the poor.

- manoj

>Credit, in this context, amounts to a subsidizing the
>business by society as a whole- the busineness takes work
>paying less than what it costs to sustain the worker
>and the balance of sustenance is paid by society.
>The only instance, I can think of, that justifies paying less
>than it costs to sustain living costs is
>if there is some kind of supplemental payoff.

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