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Hayek is now officially "up"

Hayek is now officially published by us.

The American Economic Association has faxed in copyright permission to
publish Hayek's article on IPI's web site. The JSTOR, which is the
database where academic journal articles are stored, had already
accorded permission.

Accordingly, I have put up the article entitled "The Use of Knowledge in
Society" on the IPI's publications page:


Please print whichever version (high resolution/ low resolution) is
convenient for you and for those who have not read this article, I would
highly recommend reading it line by line, pausing and thinking about its
meaning, etc.

If anyone has any questions/ objections to the interpretation of Hayek
on any particular issue, please bring it up. That is how we will finally
solve - for ourselves on IPI, whether socialism is feasible at all, or
not, and then move forward with a clear determination to either
implement socialism vigorously (which means I return to my job and I
decide to be your benevolent bureaucrat once again) or oppose it with
all one's might.

I may mention, for those who did not yet discern my preferences, that I
have read very extensively, worked rather extensively in a socialist
system, lived rather extensively in capitalist ones; and the arguments
against socialism are as clear as day to me. However, I am willing to be
persuaded by anyone who thinks he has read more, knows more, or has
something critical to tell me which will persuade me to believe that
socialism is anything but a peurile system designed by intellectual
dwarfs. [v.strong words since I am convinced that it is at the root of
virtually all evil in India today]

But do NOT try to persuade me without having read at least Hayek and
completely demolishing that article. First demolish Hayek. Then demolish
me. I am not easily persuaded by sentiment. I need VERY hard logic.


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