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[Admn]. Update / Request

a) We are now 135 members (plus 4).

b) While welcoming new members, I would like to make a general request
to all new members and older ones:

People who visit the IPI web page often check out the details and names
of the people who are listed on the IPI's "we the people" section. A lot
of members have joined since that list was last updated. If you could,
please send me a brief intro on yourself that you would like to see
appear on IPI's web page. A scanned picture would be great, too. In
fact, Prof. Roy has sent in his picture and I'm going to put that up
hopefully by the end of this week.

Further, if you think you would like to be involved in the
organizational effort in any capacity please write to me. You might
simply wish to be involved in the organizational decision making. You
are most welcome to be a part of the Management Council.


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