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RE: Minimum wage

What is exploitation? One needs to define this precisely. Perhaps, there is
no unique definition. I feel that people have been exploited at all levels.
Do not you think bright Indians are exploited in US by paying lower
than the native Americans?

Coming back to the Indian minimum wage act. I know several cases in
Hyderabad where fresh B. Tech graduates are paid less than Rs 1000 per
for several years. If the rights of the educated are not protected, one can
imagine the condition of the common man. Basic needs vary from person to
person. As Arvind said we can shut down the companies, those not obeying
minimum wage act. Then the poor employee will lose both his job as well as
his bread. Moreover, in most of the Indian families only one person is
working for the rest of the family. So, the minimum needs of the person are
those of the entire family. 

"All roads leads to Rome". What is the use of LAW if not implemented? We
have Labour Commission, minimum wage act and perfect planning. Who is
implementing? Corruption and irresponsibility is ruling the country. 

We need to establish a secured system. Otherwise, we will be exploited
forever at our weakness at all levels.      



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