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Re: Sanjeev's allergy to the word 'socialism'

---"K.S.Sastry" <kssastry@hd1.vsnl.net.in> wrote:

>     At a practical level, if our policy paper
asserts that we should delete
> the word from the preamble, even if justified, we
will not be able to build
> any kind of national consensus. There is enough
common ground between the

The word socialism is a result of Indira Gandhi's
emergency era. It was introduced as a part of 42nd
amendment to justify her draconian acts. There is no
reason we should continue with it.
As for socialism itself, you may claim that it seeks
to bring equality, justice etc but isn't that exactly
what we also seek? Why is it a prerogerative of
socialism alone? It is this propaganda we should
not fall into. At least the other systems achieve
a better standard of life.


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