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Re: Unshackle India....

---Vamsi Musunuru <vamsi@siliconcorp.com> wrote:
>  3. By charging any fees upfront, the Government is
>  discouraging those entreprenuerial talents that
may have the spirit
>  and just enough for capital investment but not
enough for the
> License Fees.  

I agree with your post. Here I would like to point
out that the 
government has introduced license fees with the sole
aim of keeping 
the small entrepreneurs out. India doesn't have a
private sector, 
just a businessman arm of the infamous
nexus. By having license fees, the real talent is
kept out and the 
current stock of busiessmen are protected from
competition. They pay 
the cut to their masters in the legislature and
bureaucracy. So you see, 
it is not "essentially discouraging" anyone. It is
deliberately keeping 
out the small fries who might come up with genuine


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