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Education update, question for IP, plus some specifics

Dear all:

My apologies for combining several threads into the response here. Time 
is the usual culprit, please bear with me.

(x) Education:

India Together did a piece on an education-reform effort in West Bengal. 
It raised the question in my mind that our draft policy statement on 
education may not have considered non-formal education with sufficient 
rigor. Any thoughts on that?

(x) Education again, albeit a little different angle

A question for IP members. If we make all these drafts, compile them and 
then circulate them, we will achieve some visibility for the opinions 
culled here. But why wait until the entire effort is completed to start 
putting the results out? Why not publish and publicize draft statements 
as they are compiled. I'd love to see the education policy statement 
published. We are putting together a page for education-related matters 
on India Together, and if enough of us agree, we can publish the draft 
there, and elsewhere too. 

The more people know about the effort, the better we can spread the 
word. I admit that I am personally interested in seeing some of the 
drafts on IT, but I don't see that as a bad motive!

(x) What is the status of the drafts, anyway? I don't ever recall 
anything saying that anything other than the education policy has been 
drafted? Where are these stored?

(x) Free markets / govt. moderation.

I agree with Manoj's view that we are so far from the free market 
situation that my observations do border on the academic. I'll keep that 
in mind in the future.

(x) Censorship:

I tend to agree that some form of censorship in these posts is 
desirable, but I have no clue how we might do that. On Silicon 
Investors, there is an option where you can kill all posting from 
specific individuals if you no longer want to listen to them. Of course, 
the others still can, it is just a personal filter. Alternaltely, you 
can simply delete all posts that you consider to be originating from 
sources you do not care for. Personally, I don't mind reading all the 
email I get, I'm just throwing out technical options here (Read: don't 
bomb me!)



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