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Before I forget

I am interjecting again on the basis of a sudden thought:

Dr Roy said:

"I am delighted to have the intervention at last of someone like Mr.
Nayak. I fear IPI is in some danger of having nothing real to do with
India but instead becoming a therapy group for alienated NRIs who need
some mutual reassurance justifying their personal choices of life-style.

My comment:

For those who might not know, Sundeep has been Deputy Commissioner in
some of the difficult districts of Kashmir in the past and now teaches
in the National Academy. If anyone on this list knows the LOC problem at
first hand, it must be him. But of course, that should not prevent us
from coming to a general consensus on such issues, based on sound

Second comment: I am not very much bothered whether there be dual
citizenship or not. If Prof. Roy feels strongly on this issue (as do
many others, I notice), I suggest that we drop it from the manifesto.
One thing we do not want is for the people of India to read this
manifesto and think that this is designed for NRIs. No. It is designed
for Indians in India, first and foremost. All other concerns must bow to
that primary concern. Once India feels comfortable with its ability to
handle 'puzzles' like the dual citizenship issue, then IPI can bring it
back into the manifesto; maybe after a few years.


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Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 09:06
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>The Line of Control is an artificial line. The Kashmiris on both sides
>want to live in peace. The strife in our part of Kashmir for last ten
>years has resulted only in bloodshed. The common person on the streets
>of Srinagar does not want to be with Pakistan. The
>infiltration/exfiltration on the LOC has made them aware of the life in
>POK. The better standard of living  and functionoing of democratic
>institutions in our  part of Kashmir  may perhaps be an encouragement to
>the POK residents to ask for unification of Kashmir.
>Is the LOC the bone of contention between India and Pakistan? It is
>rather too simplistic a view to think that  if LOC becomes the
>International Boundary (IB), peace will return .
>How will the ISI justify its presence across the length and breadth of
>India ? There have been scores of arrests of ISI agents of Indian origin
>and Pakistani nationals working for ISI from different parts of India.
>If the  objective is to create disturbance in different cities of India,
>LOC becomes a peripheral one.

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