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Re: James Buchanan was never a bureaucrat!

"Buchanan was a bureaucrat who entered academic
>economics, and founded the public choice school which speaks much sense"

I went to the USA in 1980 to work with Professor Buchanan at VPI.  Our
association has been a long and friendly one ever since, and after his
I had the privilege of inviting him to the University of Hawaii in March
1987, to deliver five lectures on public-choice theory and practice, which
were published by the University Press and edited and with an introduction
by me.

Please let me assure you that Jim Buchanan has never been a bureaucrat!  
was an aide to Admiral Nimitze during World War II, he later joined the
University of Chicago and became a disciple of Frank Knight.  He has always
been an academic since then,
mostly at the University of Virginia, then at Virginia Tech, then, since
1983 or so, at George Mason.


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