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Complaint from Dr. Roy!

I am forwarding (extracts from) the mail received from Dr. Subroto Roy.
I do not know the circumstances of this complaint about stifling
debates, but it is always upto the moderator to not only take a
decision, but to communicate the decision to the participants. In any
case, all of us on IPI are not involved in the business of 'stifling'
debate, but in the business of encouraging debate! That is our raison

If any errors have occured anywhere in the moderation process, please
excuseth!! The moderators are doing a task which is the purest form of
social service (a) completely unpaid and (b) thankless! 

I would urge anyone who has a complaint with the moderation process to
please volunteer to moderate this list for a while! There are no bosses
here; no followers; no infallible gods. Only folks concerned with
India's future.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 10:10:15 +0530
From: Dr. Subroto Roy <sroy@vgsom.iitkgp.ernet.in>
To: Sanjeev Sabhlok <sabhlok@almaak.usc.edu>
Subject: Re: Debate stifled!

Dear Mr. Sabhlok,

I am afraid I have to complain to you personally for twice having stifled
debate at IPI: once on the central matter of religion and politics in
India -- an extremely sensitive subject which needs to be addressed with
great care and reasonableness and patience -- and secondly, on the issue of
NRIs etc.   Dual nationality does possibly exist in the current political
rhetoric but it is simply not going to happen in any real sense until
problems with Pakistan and Bangladesh are sorted out.    If a former Indian
who became a Pakistani cannot now or in the future vote in the politics of,
say, UP, then can a former Indian who became an American now or in the
future vote in Indian politics anywhere?  Clearly not, the courts would not
allow it.

I find my remark below has also not been posted ...


"I am delighted to have the intervention at last of someone like Mr.
Nayak. I fear IPI is in some danger of having nothing real to do with
India but instead becoming a therapy group for alienated NRIs who need
some mutual reassurance justifying their personal choices of life-style.

Subroto Roy.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sundeep Nayak <sundeepnayak@hotmail.com>
To: debate@indiapolicy.org <debate@indiapolicy.org>
Date: Monday, November 16, 1998 09:06
Subject: Re:Kashmir

>The Line of Control is an artificial line. The Kashmiris on both sides
>want to live in peace. The strife in our part of Kashmir for last ten
>years has resulted only in bloodshed. The common person on the streets
>of Srinagar does not want to be with Pakistan. The
>infiltration/exfiltration on the LOC has made them aware of the life in
>POK. The better standard of living  and functionoing of democratic
>institutions in our  part of Kashmir  may perhaps be an encouragement to
>the POK residents to ask for unification of Kashmir.
>Is the LOC the bone of contention between India and Pakistan? It is
>rather too simplistic a view to think that  if LOC becomes the
>International Boundary (IB), peace will return .
>How will the ISI justify its presence across the length and breadth of
>India ? There have been scores of arrests of ISI agents of Indian origin
>and Pakistani nationals working for ISI from different parts of India.
>If the  objective is to create disturbance in different cities of India,
>LOC becomes a peripheral one.

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