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Re: Kashmir

The root cause of "all this" as you put it, is the pursuit by Pakistan 
of a plan as formulated by the poet Iqbal in 1930 to establish an 
Islamic Republic in the "whole of Hindustan". "batke rahega hindustan, 
banke rahega pakistan" was his slogan. When are we going to wake up and 
smell the coffee ? It doesn't stop with Kashmir!!! As another writer 
correctly pointed out, if Kashmir is all they cared about, why is the 
ISI active in places like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Nagaland and 
Tripura. Not to mention the Bombay blasts with it's attendant ISI-
Mafia connections. No, this is a "jihad" in which they view Kashmir as 
the first battleground. An appropriate analogy is the 50 year Cold War, 
where there had to be a decisive result. And I believe that despite all 
it's machinations, Pakistan will ultimately lose this "jihad".Because 
(and I don't say this as someone who is "anti-Muslim" as I'm sure to be 
branded by some) despite 1000 years of Islamic conquest and dominance, 
the subcontinent's 5000 year old Hindu/secular civilization is still the 
prevailing influence (even in Pakistan, though they'll never admit to 
it). So let's keep our eye on the ball. It's not just Kashmir, it's the 
entire subcontinent that's at stake.

Sameer wrote:
>...Isn't the root cause of all this the border conflict and don't you
>think we need to resolve this ASAP, so that India can concentrate on
>things that are more important for her development? Is it justified to 
>put India's present and future on stake just on the pretext that there 
is a future possibility that the masses in POK might want to join

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