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PUBLIC: Re: Efficiency of the markets (contd.)

It is probably time to ask another awkward question: how many of us have
the Human Development Report (produced by the United Nations Development 

Those of us who have not done so can look it up on the Internet (sorry, I
have the URL with me as I am working in the UK at present, but a search for

"UNDP" will produce the required URL fairly swiftly....).

Among other things, the Report provides an international perspective (and
very interesting facts which supplement Dr Sastry's views).  It also
provides a 
seven-point agenda which we will do well to consider incorporating into our

manifesto: doing so will eliminate much of the pointlessness and inaccuracy

which has characterised some of our debate about socialism versus markets 
(before someone jumps to a wrong conclusion, please note that I am NOT
that the entire debate has been inaccurate and pointless!).

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Subject: Efficiency of the markets (contd.)
Author:  kssastry (kssastry@hd1.vsnl.net.in) at nyuxuu
Date:    16.11.98 03:51

    Sorry, my earlier message was interrupted.
    As I was saying, we should achieve our objective in a democratic
since we are not prepared to sacrifice human liberties; nor are we 


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