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Re: A study in facts

---Ash Mahesh <ash_mahesh@hotmail.com> wrote:

> government at arm's length. On the other hand,
there are those who see 
> that free enterprise, in recent decades, tends to
leave some sections of 
> the population behind while others progress
rapidly, and find government 
> moderation to be the answer to reducing this
> The answer probably lies somewhere in between. I
encourage that we try 

I don't think the answer lies in between. Those who
compare their wealth to others even when they have
enough to lead comfortable lives are not justified
in doing so. Can I insist that Sachin Tendulkar
share all his endorsement money with all the people
of India? Remember that he put in a lot of hard
work while you and I led comfortable lives. Why feel
jealous now? If it comes to the problem of not being
able to get even the basic necessities, the comparison
is justified. Otherwise it is just the crab mentality
of the section which looks at others' wealth instead
of their own. What free enterprise can provide is 
EQUAL OPPURTUNITY. You can use the oppurtunity or
you can blow it. The choice is yours. Wealth is not
something that is available for grabs when we are 
born. It is something which is created. you create
wealth using your skills or putting in more effort.
Some people are fortunate to be born with more talent,
some people put in effort and create wealth. There
should be no excuse for laziness.


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