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Re: A study in facts

dear Ash,

You say:

On the one hand, we have those who do not trust
>the government and see the solution in not having to trust it in the
>first place. Simply free all economic enterprise and that will keep the
>government at arm's length. On the other hand, there are those who see
>that free enterprise, in recent decades, tends to leave some sections of
>the population behind while others progress rapidly, and find government
>moderation to be the answer to reducing this disparity.

Let me stress that what I want is a LIMITED govt. It is not that I distrust
govt. What I hate is a govt without constitutional checks and balances
(which is what we have in India). What you term "govt. moderation" has
turned out to be a slippery slope, where under the intention of working for
the common citizen the govt. turns the economy into stagnation (e.g., you
cannot fire an employee, protectionist taxes, rent controls). These are all
seen around the world. They end up hurting the quality of life of everyone
concerned. I believe the best thing for the common citizen is a robust &
thriving economy, which is best accomplished by moving closer to free

I fully understand the limits of free markets, but we are so far from
testing those limits in India that I see discussing the limits highly

- manoj

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